Set your sound apart with FX-TrackerTM, a unique multi-effects unit that allows guitar players to control their sound by changes in their playing style. FX-Tracker utilizes the note recognition technology developed for the successful RiffBoxTM looping device while incorporating many of the effects popular with musicians today. This allows you to tailor your own unique sound beyond what can be created using standard effects devices.

FX-Tracker includes 87 effects in the categories of Delay, Chorus, Tremolo, Flanger, Filter, Pitch Shifter, arpeggiator and MIDI output. With most of these effects, you can control timing or intensity of the effect by changing your playing speed or your pick attack. An additional delay effect can be placed before, after or in parallel with any of these effects to create unique layered sounds.

FX-Tracker is easy to setup and use. Plug your guitar into the input and run a cord from the output to your amp or effects pedal. Set the left switch to control which effect type is selected. Now you can use the lower two switch positions on each side to set four parameters that control the effect that was selected. Or you can also simply set the right switch to control which preset is selected and just dial through all the factory presets. Here are some of the features:

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  • Up to 87 effects and up to 100 preset locations
  • Effect timing and effect depth can react to your playing speed and pick attack
  • Seven main effects categories including delay, chorus, tremolo, flanger, filter, pitch shifter and MIDI output
  • An additional delay effect can be placed before, after or in parallel with any of the six main effect types. This allows you to do things like effect only the straight signal or only the delayed signal or both.
  • Delay time that can track your playing. Shorter delay with faster playing or longer delays with faster playing
  • Your playing speed can change the modulation speed of chorus, tremolo, flanger, filter or pitch shifter
  • Your playing speed or your pick attack can change the delay feedback level or the depth of the chorus, tremolo, flanger or filter effects
  • Transition between a delay effect and any other effect by changing your playing speed or pick attack
  • There are several automatic whammy and dive bomb effects available
  • Reverse delay effect
  • Programmable arpeggiator patterns can provide unique harmony effects
  • Several envelope effects for volume, chorus, flanger, filter or pitch shifter
  • You can time the second delay effect to the chorus, tremolo, flanger or pitch shifter modulation speed
  • You can use two types of delays at once and time them to each other or your playing
  • Several different stereo effects including delay, chorus, tremolo and flanger
  • Up to 60 seconds of stereo delay time including looping functions
  • Full MIDI implementation. Control any parameter with an external MIDI controller or use MIDI messages to select from the 100 presets
  • Synchronize a MIDI drum machine to your playing speed on the fly
  • 17 effects that output MIDI CC messages as waveforms, envelopes or arpeggio patterns based on your playing speed or pick attack to control other effect units or synth modules.
  • Use and external MIDI expression pedal to manually modulate chorus, flanger, and filter or create a whammy pedal.
  • You can download firmware updates to protect your investment

FX-Tracker Audio Demos

Delayed signal gets reverse delay. Reverse delay time tracks playing speed:

Delay time tracks your playing speed:

Length of volume ramp tracks playing speed. Delay time and feedback also depend on playing speed:

Previous note plays whenever a new note plays (with volume ramp):

Filter envelope with various delay configurations:

MIDI sine wave output driving the chorus mix parameter on POD:

Square wave MIDI output controls the drive parameter on a POD amp model: